Does Tire Pressure Really Matter?

Is the tire pressure light coming on again? It's a warning that your tire pressure has fallen, and you're driving in unsafe conditions. Incorrect tire pressure changes your fuel economy and makes it easier for your tires to go flat or blow out suddenly while driving.

Tire pressure changes for a number of factors, but typically it's from damage to the tires or air loss, which could be related to weather changes. It's typical that tires will lose some tire pressure that can be remedied by filling your tires at a gas station.

However, if you are consistently losing tire pressure, it's probably indicative of tire damage. In this case, you should have the tire replaced or patched as soon as possible. Driving with the wrong tire pressure changes the load entirely and can cause serious problems for other parts of your vehicle. You can talk to the professionals at Mathews Newark Ford in Heath, OH to learn more.



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