Two Unique Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

All of the team here at Mathews Newark Ford are excited to announce that the new Ford Fusion Energi is here at the lot. This popular plug-in hybrid has been getting a lot of attention this year due in part to some of the features throughout.

When you take the new Ford Fusion Energi on the road, you'll appreciate the Adaptive Cruise Control system. Set your desired driving speed, and the system scans the road far ahead for a lead vehicle, so it can create a buffer zone. Once set, your vehicle will automatically begin braking and accelerating to maintain the distance to that car while driving.

The Lane-Keeping System in the Ford Fusion Energi is going to utilize radars that scan the road surface and identify the exact position of the car at all times. If drifting happens, then your steering wheel receives a series of pulses until you get the car pack in those lines.

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