Drive Safely with Ford Co-Pilot360

At Mathews Newark Ford, we know advanced safety features are important to drivers in Heath, OH. Ford Co-Pilot360 is a new suite of driver-assist technology, and it is set to debut on 2019 Ford models.

Whether you are driving in heavy traffic or on an isolated road, you need to be aware of pedestrians. Ford Co-Pilot360 has standard automatic emergency braking technology that detects pedestrians. If the vehicle detects a potential collision, it will alert the driver with warning sounds and flashing lights. This feature will minimize a frontal collision. The system can apply the brakes if the driver does not stop the vehicle in a timely manner.

The driver assist technology can also notify drivers with steering wheel vibrations when there is a problem with drifting. The steering torque can steer the vehicle closer to the center lane. The driver alert system uses a camera, and it provides audio and visual warnings when the system detects an inattentive driver.

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