The Ford Ranger is Here To Dominate With Great Tech Features

Some people may think of the Ford Ranger as nothing more than a powerful truck. The power is definitely impressive, and it has made it one of Ford's popular midsize trucks, but this vehicle boasts a number of tech features that also make it stand out.

Stand Out With Anti-Collision Tech

A car can jump in front of you without warning while driving in Heath, OH. You are supposed to react at superhuman speed, but now that pressure can be reduced a bit because this system tries to warn you of a potential collision, giving you enough time to brake. The system even optimizes your brakes for maximum effect.

Make It Safe With Lane Keep

The lane keep system is here to make sure you or anyone who is driving your vehicle does not drift into another lane. You know you've seen cars drift from to time, and you know how scary that could seem. Well, the Ranger has sensors that put you on alert, telling you to get back in your lane because you may be drifting.

You can find out more by browsing through our inventory of Ford Rangers, or you can take the truck for a spin, which is why we offer test drives at Mathews Newark Ford.

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