See Clearly This Winter with Winter Wiper Blades

Here at Mathews Newark Ford, we want you to be an informed vehicle owner when it comes to your winter vehicle maintenance. Part of preparing your car for the winter includes switching out your wiper blades to a fresh new pair that are made especially for snow and ice

Winter Wiper Blades Are More Durable

Built with a rubber blade that stays soft in freezing weather, and a frame that holds up to heavy snow and abuse, do yourself a favor by increasing your visibility in snow conditions.

Scrape And Defrost Is Key

Owning an ice scraper and a brush or broom to sweep snow off the windshield is necessary to avoid damage to your wiper blades. Whether you choose a traditional winter blade or a beam blade that has advanced design features, you are not going to regret switching those old wiper blades out when the snow starts to fall in Heath, OH.

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