Get Ready To Embrace The Streets In The 2019 Ford Fiesta

Smaller vehicles have always had the benefit of great gas mileage and good handling while navigating the streets of Heath, OH. Small, however, doesn't mean that you have to give up the performance usually found in larger vehicles. The 2019 Ford Fiesta is a compact car that delivers big performance.

Before you head of the lot at Mathews Newark Ford, there are a few things to discover about the 2019 Fiesta. There are two engine types to choose from. The 1.6L TI-VCT i4 engine is standard in the S, SE, and ST-Line and produces 120 horsepower. The 1.6L turbocharged EcoBoost engine is what powers the more performance drive Fiesta ST and cranks out 197 horsepower. Both engines perform excellently while getting go gas mileage.

To help the Ford Fiesta power through and take turns tightly, it comes equipped with Torque Vectoring Control. This feature transfers more torque to the wheels with the most grip during turns. This allows the front end of the Fiesta to hug the ground when curves providing an exceptional driving experience.

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