The Ford Escape is a popular compact SUV that is full of performance features. Ford knows that compact SUVs should be nimble and easy to maneuver in dense city traffic. The Escape is the perfect vehicle to do your daily commute to Heath, OH in.

Ford has equipped the Escape with many advanced handling systems to make it handle as crisply as possible. One system is the Corve Control and Torque Vectoring Control. This system helps you to get around tight corners as fast and as safely as you can. The system can reduce your speed and apply the ABS to pull you around the corner while keeping the Escape flat. Another great system the Escape is fitted with is Advance Trac. Advance Trac helps you keep control of the Escape when things get a little bit squirrelly.

To get a more in-depth description of these advanced systems or any other features that can be found on the Ford Escape, stop by Mathews Newark Ford. Our expert staff can give you a more in-depth description of the performance features that can be found on the Ford Escape, and they can get you behind the wheel so you can experience them for yourself.

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