The Ford Super Duty is favored as a capable work vehicle. The heavy-duty pickup also performs well for play. The newest models are designed to be more durable than ever. Learn more about the pickup's capabilities by visiting our Heath, OH Mathews Newark Ford destination. Take a Super Duty for a test drive.

Durability starts with the construction of the pickup. Ford chose high-strength, military-grade metal to create the truck's body, which also reduces the overall weight. The axles, chassis, and steering components are stronger. The box is made using high-strength steel.

The frame beneath the box features 10 cross members, which make the frame and box 24 times sturdier and less flexible. Owners need not worry about twisting. The specially selected materials used in the making of the truck are also dent resistant. The pickup is also less likely to rust. The truck's more durable design enhances towing and payload performance.

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