Gaskets are a very small part of what’s under the hood of your car or truck, but they’re an extremely important part because they play an important role in keeping your vehicle operating smoothly and safely down the road. Come to Mathews Newark Ford if you need gaskets or want more information on gasket repair or replacement. Gaskets are made out of various materials, such as copper, steel, and composites but are usually made of rubber or stainless steel.

When used with automotive seals, they’re strong, flexible and are what helps to keep fluids in your automotive parts. They’re most often used to keep fluids and lubricants between stationary and movable parts. They’re also used to keep dirt and debris from getting to the engine. It’s not unusual to see more than a hundred gaskets and seals in a vehicle. Our staff at our Heath, OH dealership is always available to provide you with automotive assistance.

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