It is really quite amazing to consider just how tough and durable the Ford Ranger is. When you look at it, you might just see another mid-size truck. In actuality, this model has become so popular because of the ruggedness of all the materials that have gone into building it. Here are just a few of those tough features.

When you are looking to bring some recreational vehicles along with you for the weekend, the Ranger makes it possible for you to do so. You are able to take as much as 7,500 pounds of jet skis, boats, ATVs, or anything else for that matter.

You also will love how comfortable the ride is, even when you are in some pretty rough areas. The Ford Ranger makes use of parabolic rear leaf springs. This provides the flexibility you need on the back end to absorb those bumps. Take it for a test drive the next time you are at Mathews Newark Ford.

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